ON4CDU, GPS frequency standard & much more

On his webpage Hans published his GPS receiver already a long time ago.  It can be found HERE

As an extra Hans put in the sun position and on my request also the moon position. As the GPS is an accurate clock it makes a very good shack clock. If you are into EME, like me, it will show moon and sun data so you can easily figure out what is the best date / time for EME or better wait a week. The sun and moon position are accurate enough compared to other (tracking) software.

Hans decided to make a frequency standard in it as well. The NEO6 GPS receiver puts out a 1 pulse per second, it can be reprogrammed using the Ublox software to 1 kHz. See the bottom of this page for more info on reprogramming the NEO6. You can select on the board if you are using 1kHz, 10 kHz or 100kHz. Depending on your GPS receiver

A few IC’s and some simple parts provided the a 4-way splitter. As a few more people were interested I decided to make a PCB for it. Credits go to ON4CDU for the software and hardware. PE1KXH and ON6ZG provided comments and PA3CSG was the PCB designer. Hans, ON4CDU is preparing an article HERE

Hans called it a roverbox but it is much, much more more! A number of units have been build and it works repeatedly without trouble.

The schematic:


Some pictures of the complete unit:

The display with some scratches…..


The complete unit.


The inside of the unit:


The backside with the 4 10 MHz outputs.


Reprogramming the NEO6 GPS receiver, available on Ebay for little money can be a very confusing job. On the French microwave reflector F6FAX issued a very clear description which I copy here. It consists of  4 steps. Thanks for posting Alain. Make sure you enter the correct frequency!

The screenshots speak for themselves. All of this can be found in the CFG section.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4