Simple Rotor schematic for AC motors

After 25 years my dish needed a new control box for the rotators, the old one was rather worn out. I kept the same AC motors as they performed very well over the last decades. I decided to put the control unit at the tower and to use a 5 wire cable to control the Az and the El rotators, switching a relay to ground.

The schematic of the motor control
The 12V circuit with the endstops. Relays used are the Omron MY4N-J. Pin numbers and connection in the schematics.

I added snubbers over the relay contacts, not only for the mains switch but also for the help winding. The last isn’t necessary probably. There is also a provision for mechanical end stops, so in theory nothing could happen.

Complet view of the outside unit
The Az endstop, the little wheel in the bottom left corner is the switch. The blue unit was a spare limit switch
The hook the limit switch runs into