SWR + Power meter with TFT screen Version III

The PASTA-Meter

Version III of the power and SWR meter. This time with nextion TFT screen. Because of TFT screen it looks nice and for the lazy ones very little wiring has to be done.

Features included:

  • Autoranging between 10 – 5000W
  • Suitable for HF, VHF & UHF use up to 500MHz
  • Wideband input
  • Uses an arduino nano, easy programming
  • Software for Arduino and Nextion display available
  • Construction manual in Dutch and English available
  • All information downloadable at the bottom of the webpage in one zip-file
  • Adaptable to most detectors like AD8313 , AD8362 etc
  • mW meter function that makes it possible to calibrate your home made coupler and do other measurements.
  • Prepared for remote operation RS485 for remote operation
  • PCB available

Pictures shows the SWR Wattmeter in operation & build PCB

The SWR-Wattmeter in use at ON6LEO on 144MHz

26 March 2021: To those who downloaded before. From today on there is an improved version of the software available. Thanks to Marc F8VOA

13 may 2021: The values in the AD8307 schematic for the attenuators are reversed. The 19 &21 dB values are reversed! Thanks to Marco PE1PUW

Please download again.

Download complete details HERE:

Below you see the SWR-Wattmeter of Marco, F8VOA. Thanks!

Below a very nice amplifier build by Peter PA5KE! Something to be proud of Peter. Peter is using the wattmeter + sequencer + fetswitch of this website.

This amplifier consists of 2 x MRF300 followed by a low pass filter. Power measurement is done with a tandem bridge. All components are in seperate diecast boxes to prevent unwanted interaction. Input about 8W output 600W. To be added in the future a banddecoder to make bandswitching automatic.