12V to +10 & -5V

In order to run my 10 GHz station from a single 12V supply I needed a positive and a negative power supply. Well everything comes from China so I did some “research” on the most common websites. I found a module that makes a positive and a negative voltage from a single 12V supply. I found out that the positive supply was the one that needed some current in order to regulate. This was accomplished by a resistor. The negative voltage has the same value as the positive so an extra 7905 regulator was needed. Advantage is that you can adjust the positive output as well!

Lazy builders power supply!

Second attempt to get a positive and a negative voltage from a 12V supply came from a youtube item, someone using the LM2596 Chinese boards for that. I had a look in the datasheet and there is a description for that. I adjusted the 12V for a 10V with a few diodes.

Here feeding a small 10 GHz PA.