Hybrids for 1296 MHz using FR4 material

These hybrids use normal FR4 board.
The design published here are on the ‘normal’ FR board. Differences in the board material might effect the results of the design.
Although I didn’t try several boards, the results were usable.
The first design was a simple hybrid as shown here. It was tested at the Leuven Microwave round-table in 2001. Results are published in the bottom table.


single hybrid

The second step was a 4-way splitter. The hybrids used here are the same as above. The 2 hybrids are preceded by a Wilkinson divider. On the Wilkinson divider is a 2W smd resistor (made of 2 x 220 Ohms 1.3W). On the hybrid to ground are 50 Ohms 1.3W resistors.


double hybrid with Wilkinson divider

Single Hybrid test results
Port 1 to 3 loss -3.8dB     All VSWRs on all ports OK
Port 1 to 2 loss -3.7dB
Port 1 to 4 loss -3.4dB
Port 2 to 3 loss -3.3dB
Port 2 to 4 loss -3.8dB    phase-angle 92 degrees
Port 3 to 4 loss -34dB     phase-angle 91 degrees

4-Way hybrid test results
Port in to 1 loss -6.4dB
Port in to 2 loss -6.6dB
Port in to 3 loss -6.8dB
Port in to 4 loss -6.6dB
Port 1 to 2 isolation -18dB     phase-angle 86 degrees
Port 1 to 3 isolation -32dB
Port 1 to 4 isolation -32dB
Port 2 to 3 isolation -32dB
Port 2 to 4 isolation -32dB
Port 3 to 4 isolation -17dB     phase-angle 94 degrees