GaAs fets markings

Did it ever happen to you that you had a bag
filled with GaAsfets and you didnot know of which type these were,
or maybe you use     Fets from old LNB or surplus, here is (maybe) the
solution for your problems......
Symbol Type Outline Package
D MGF1100 GD-1
E MGF1102 GD-2
B MGF1202 GD-3
A MGF1302 GD-4
B MGF1303 GD-4
E MGF1304A GD-4
D MGF1305 GD-4
B MGF1402 GD-9
C MGF1412 GD-9
D MGF1403 GD-9
E MGF1404 GD-9
F MGF1405 GD-9
G MGF1423 GD-9
H MGF1425 GD-9
1 MGF1501 GD-5
1 MGF1502 GD-6
A MGF1902 GD-7
B MGF1903 GD-7
C MGF1904 GD-7
R MGF4301A GD-4
S MGF4302A GD-4
M MGF4303A GD-4
N MGF4304A GD-4
P MGF4305A GD-4
J MGF4401A GD-9
K MGF4402A GD-9
L MGF4403A GD-9
N MGF4404A GD-9
P MGF4405A GD-9
D MGF4901A GD-7
E MGF4902A GD-7
F MGF4903A GD-7
B MGF1601 GD-10
A MGF1801 GD-11
MGF1801 GF-1

The Fujitsu fets have a marking on the gate

Color #dots Type
Brown none FHX35lg
Purple none FHX13lp
Purple one FHX14lp
Orange one FHX15lg
Orange two FHX16lg
Red none FHX04lg
Red one FHX05lg
Red two FHX06lg
Blue one FSC11f
Green none FHC30lg
Green one FHC311g
Mark / Letter  Type
C NE32884C
D 2SK571
K NE32584C
L NE42484C
T NE32984D
V NE32484A
W NE32684C
Y NE42484C
I received an email which I include below FYI (Thanks David!)
I was looking some informations about GaAs Fet markings and 
I find differences between your NEC chart and my databook.
Perhaps you're right or there is a unknown reason for such differences. 
C,V,Y seems to be wrong too but I have not the PDF file for them at this 

73's from F1URI, David