Welcome to the PE1KXH homepage

Welcome! Some pictures of my equipment, antennas and myself

Home-brew 2m yagi, 9 elements. Design by DJ9BV

Home-brew23cm yagi, 49 elements. Design by DJ9BV

Home-brew 13cm yagi, 60 elements. Design by DJ9BV

6M, 6 elements
2M, 9 elements, DJ9BV
70cm, 21 elements, DJ9BV
23cm, 49 elements, DJ9BV
13cm, 60 elements, DJ9BV

Preamp box for 23 & 13 cm, PA0WMX design
(one preamp for both bands)

Sjaek, inne shack

Sjaek, inne shack

Test equipment corner including HP141 and several signal generators

Other test equipment corner, sweepers, signal generators, LCR meter and so on….

Several power amplifiers and 23 & 13 CM ATV equipment.

Transceivers and transverters for 6M to 3CM

Preamp box for 144 MHz : DJ9BV – I5TDJ design with MGF1801, NF = 0.25 dB G t2M and 70cm masthead preamps
432 MHz : DJ9BV Design with MGF1302 NF = 0.5 dB G = 16 dB

Log periodic antenna, PA0HVA design PA0HVA 1-6 GHz log periodic antenna.