10 & 24 GHz beacons

10GHz and 24 GHz Beacons

10 GHz beacon set-up

This consists of a pulse modulated 1152 MHz LO source, with a 96 MHz xtal as start frequency, an amplifier with BFR96,  2 * BFQ34  and a SRD multiplier.
A 2 pole bandpass filter on 10368 MHz and a 30 cm parabolic dish with a dipole feed completes the beacon.


Detail of the experimental beacon

Overview of the 24 GHz beacon set-up.
The beacon is build with DMC surplus RF parts. An DRO locked with a PLL on 23.7 GHz is mixed with a pulse modulated LO around 348 MHz to make a frequency in the 24048 GHz band.
This signal is filtered and amplified to a level of 100 mW and terminated with an isolator. The antenna is a 30 cm parabolic dish with a dipole feed.

Overview of the experimental 24 GHz beacon

Both beacons brotherly together !