Hybrids for 1296 MHz using Taconic PTFE material

Having the intention to phase up a number of smaller PA’s for 1296 MHz the need existed to produce some hybrids for 23cm using PTFE material. In this case I used Taconic material. Why? because I had it available.

The first experiment was a simple 4 port hybrid with good results.


The above hybrid produced following results:

In the graph below you can see S21, being -3.1114dB so from the input to port 2 we have -3dB attenuation

In the graph below you can see the same for port 3.

port 1 3 demping

The graph here shows the isolation between port 1 and 4 and the match of port 4.

port 1 4 isolatie load input

And most important the isolation between port 2 and 3 here measured.

port 2 3 isolatie outputs

The next try was a 4 way splitter.


The test results for the triple hybrid will follow.