DF1SR hybrid pics and test

If you are looking to combine several amplifiers on 1296, you might be looking for a hybrid coupler.

Making one of those is a big job, especially if you don’t have the tools to do that.

The first view on the hybrid is one that it shines so much it only can get dirty in my shack.It shines so much that itis impossible to take pictures. You can see the reflection in the brass.




But will it preform well? I used my spectrum analyser  and tracking generator to measure the hybrid. This is nothing compared

with a test on a network analyser but it gives some idea.



 Its reference is -2.6dB, the rest relative to this measurement. Centre frequency is 1296 MHz span is 200 MHz.

Second is the output to the first input measurement.



Now the isolation of the 2 input ports is measured.


Isolation is 22.8dB Good enough to isolate my 2 amplifier. It is also wideband enough.

Nice results and very nice workmanship!