The Eimac EME notes

The Eimac EME notes

I don’t know how long ago these were published but when I started EME (1983) it was one of the only information resources regarding EME. Another big sources was the Dutch DX-press / VHF-UHF Bulletin magazine. This  was written by PA0BN. Henk Ripet NL314 continued to publish EME information a little bit later.

Nevertheless these Eimac letters were available on request and free of charge. However rather old, some information is so very basic that is will never expire. The construction ideas published stay very valid.

Some of the “dinosaurs” around are pictured in these EME notes. Truly the big pioneers in EME.

These bulletins were returned to me after a “many” years loan.

Were needed I will give a brief description.

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Eimac AS-49-1 Locating the moon. (This issue deals with were the moon would be. Remember NO PC’s around!) AS-49-1

Eimac AS-49-2 Moonbounce operating aids. (Sky temperature behind the moon. Universal windows are covered.)AS-49-2

Eimac AS-49-3 More on the moonbounce universal window for 144 MHz. AS-49-3

Eimac AS-49-4 EME (earth-moon-earth) QSO procedure for 144 MHz Explains the QSO procedure AS-49-4

Eimac AS-49-5 Successful 144 MHz EME antennas (nice pictures in black and white) AS-49-5

Eimac AS-49-6 Computer programs for locating the moon (The first software) AS-49-6

Eimac AS-49-7 EME activity level as of August 1974 (Who was active) AS-49-7

Eimac AS-49-8 Successful 432 MHz EME antennas Nice pictures in B&W AS-49-8

Eimac AS-49-9 An antenna switching technique / A preamplifier for 144 MHz EME AS-49-9

Eimac AS-49-10 The moonbounce group part 1 (Pictures of the operators / antennas.) AS-49-10

Eimac AS-49-11 Ideas for EME antenna elevation drives AS-49-11

Eimac AS-49-12 Additional moonbounce operating aids (software window information) AS-49-12

Eimac AS-49-13 Universal window times July 1976 thru December 1977 / An HP2000C basic computer program for moon tracking. AS-49-13

Eimac AS-49-14 The moonbounce group part 2 (pics of operators and stations) AS-49-14

Eimac AS-49-15 A small, inexpensive moonbounce antenna system for 144 MHz EME AS-49-15

Eimac AS-49-16 The W7FN EME antenna (a 144 MHz antenna) AS-49-16

Eimac AS-49-17 Additional moontracking computer and calculator programs AS-49-17

Eimac AS-49-18 The K8AT EME antenna (a 144 MHz skeleton antenna) AS-49-18

Eimac AS-49-19 Universal window times January 1978 thru december 1978 / A fortran IV computer program for moon tracking AS-49-19

Eimac AS-49-20 The moonbounce group part 3 AS-49-20

Eimac AS-49-21 The K5GW EME antenna (144 MHz antenna) AS-49-21

Eimac AS-49-22 Universal window times January 1979 through december 1979 AS-49-22

Eimac AS-49-23 The ZE5JJ EME antenna (Collinear and dish) AS-49-23

Eimac AS-49-24 Two more moon tracking computer programs AS-49-24

Eimac AS-49-25 Radio sky maps AS-49-25

Eimac AS-49-26 Universal window times January 1980 through December 1980 AS-49-26

Eimac AS-49-27 The moonbounce group part 4 AS-49-27

Eimac AS-49-28 The W0PW 220 MHz EME antenna AS-49-28

Eimac AS-49-29 More calculator and computer programs for EME AS-49-29

Eimac AS-49-30 Universal window times January 1981 through December 1981 AS-49-30

Eimac AS-49-31 Some GaAsFET preamplifiers AS-49-31

Eimac AS-49-32 The K1WHS antenna ( a real big one) AS-49-32

Eimac AS-49-33 The 1981-1982 lunar directory (Who was active) AS-49-33

Eimac AS-49-34 Ladder analysis program for the HP-41C AS-49-34

Eimac AS-49-35 Universal window times January 1982 through December 1982 AS-49-35

Eimac AS-49-36  GaAsFET preamps for 902 and 1296 MHz AS-49-36    

Eimac AS-49 Almost everything you wanted to know about moonbounce  AS-49     AS-49

(Thanks to George W3FEY for the last two issues)

These are all the issues I have!